The components of a microscope

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 While small items and living beings can be magnified by up to 15 times with a magnifying glass, it is necessary to use a light microscope to magnify by 40x to 400x, with particularly powerful microscopes even 1000x.


  • Experiment is part of a complete solution set with a total of 50 experiments for all microscopy applications
  • With student worksheet, appropriate for all class levels
  • With detailed instructor information, incl. sample microscopy image
  • Optimized for tight schedules, i.e. minimum preparation time required
  • Microscopy solution set specifically designed to include all required accessories
  • Content available with matching multimedia files


  1. Naming the components of the microscope
  2. Preparations before using the microscope
  3. Using the microscope
  4. Watching a simple object under a microscope 

What you can learn about

  • Learn the basics of microscopy in a systematic way
  • Know the components of a microscope
  • Operate a microscope




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Euromex BioBlue Monocular microscope BB.4250 EUR-BB-4250 1
Microscopic slides, 50 pcs 64691-00 1

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Handbuch Schüler- und Demonstrationsversuche Mikroskopie, Sekundarstufe I und II, inkl. CD-ROM, 13290-01 DEU
TESS advanced Biology manual Microscopy incl. CD-ROM 13290-02
Schülerversuche Mikroskopie, Gerätesatz TESS advanced Biologie MIC 15290-88

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Продукт No: P1440001

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