Demo advanced Biologie Handbuch Cobra4Biochemie & Pflanzenphysiologie

Продукт No: 01331-01
Function and Applications

Experimental descriptions from the fields of biochemistry and plant physiology that pay particular attention to the advantages of data acquisition with the Cobra4 System. In total more 10 demonstration experiments are described in detail.

What you can learn about

  • Photosynthesis (2 different methods)
  • Transpiration by leaves
  • Glycolysis (2 different methods)
  • The ionic permeability of the cell membrane
  • Determination of the Michaelis constant
  • Enzyme inhibition
  • Substrate inhibition of enzymes
  • The enzymatic activity of catalase

Equipment and Technical Data

DIN A4 handbook, stapled, colour, 56 pages

Язык документации: DEU

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Продукт No: 01331-01

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