Determination of the density of solid bodies

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In the previous experiments on determination of mass and volume (ME 1.3 and ME 1.4), the students have learned that both metal columns have the same volume but different masses. They know that the two objects consist of iron and aluminium. Obviously, the two materials differ in one property. In terms of physics, this property is called density; it is defined as the quotient of mass and volume:

ρm/V  in g/cm3

The students are to determine the mass of four solid objects by weighing them. The volumes of the regularly shaped objects are to be established by measuring them with the vernier calliper and then calculating, using V =  × w  × h ; the volume of the mass piece by using the immersion method.



  • Real stand material for an esecially stable and safe setup
  • Student-suitable experiment descriptions with reports available

Перечень материалов (вы́писка) Продукт Количество
Support base, variable 02001-00 1
Lever 03960-00 1
Set of precision weights,1g-50g 44017-00 1
Plate with scale 03962-00 1
Balance pan, plastic 03951-00 2
Boss head 02043-00 1
Vernier calliper, plastic 03011-00 1
Holding pin 03949-00 1
Aluminium column 03903-00 1
Steel Column nickel-plated 03913-00 1
Fishing line, l. 20m 02089-00 1
Support rod, stainless steel, l = 250 mm, d = 10 mm 02031-00 1
Wood column 05938-00 1
Graduated cylinder, 50 ml, plastic 36628-01 1
Pipette with rubber bulb 64701-00 1
Pointer for lever 03961-00 1
Beaker, 100 ml, low form, plastic 36011-01 1

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Продукт No: P0998500

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