Bending of a leaf spring

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  1. The students should investigate the behaviour of a leaf spring under load, make a graph of the measuring results and - most importantly - determine the spring constant D.
  2. In the course of the same experiment, the (tractive) force should be determined at different angles for the same deflection and an explanation of the results should be attempted.




  • Student-suitable experiment descriptions with reports available

Перечень материалов (вы́писка) Продукт Количество
Support base, variable 02001-00 1
Support rod, l = 600 mm, d = 10 mm, split in 2 rods with screw threads 02035-00 2
Spring balance,transparent, 1 N 03065-02 1
Boss head 02043-00 2
Leaf spring 02228-00 1
Spring balance holder 03065-20 1
Fishing line, l. 20m 02089-00 1
Support rod with hole, stainless steel, 10 cm 02036-01 1
Glass tube holder with tape measure clamp 05961-00 1
Support rod, stainless steel, l = 250 mm, d = 10 mm 02031-00 1
Measuring tape, l = 2 m 09936-00 1

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Продукт No: P0999200

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