Finding the density of immiscible liquids

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Using the knowledge gained in the experiments "Buoyancy and floating" and "Finding the density of solid bodies by measuring the buoyancy", the students should determine the density of petroleum ether in a water-filled U-tube.

After rearranging the given formula they should recognise the correlation between density and height and explain it in their own words.


  • Student-suitable experiment descriptions with reports available

Перечень материалов (вы́писка) Продукт Количество
Support base, variable 02001-00 1
Petroleum ether, 40-60 °C, 500 ml 30184-50 1
Glycerol, 250 ml 30084-25 1
Glass tubes,l.250 mm, pkg.of 10 36701-68 1
Glass tube holder with tape measure clamp 05961-00 1
Support rod, stainless steel, l = 250 mm, d = 10 mm 02031-00 1
Measuring tape, l = 2 m 09936-00 1
Pipette with rubber bulb 64701-00 1
Beaker, 100 ml, low form, plastic 36011-01 1
PVC tubing, i.d. 7 mm 03985-00 1

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Продукт No: P1002300

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