Passage of light trough a planoparallel plate

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In this experiment, the goal is to apply the law of refraction to a different situation for strengthening the students' understanding of this important conformity to natural law. To do this the students investigate the course of light beams through a coplanar glass plate and seek an explanation for the result. In the second part of the experiment, the optical displacement of refracted light beams is investigated in relation to the angle of incidence. In this way, the opportunity for a discussion about the everyday experience of the students (looking at an angle out of the window of a train compartment) and important technical applications (e.g. an optical micrometer) is given.
The second part of the experiment is more demanding in terms of the abilities and experimental skills required of the students. Both experiments can be seen as a unit or each can be carried out separately, if desired.


  • Multifunctional light box - All-in-one: Can be used for geometric optics on the table, colour mixing and on an optical bench
  • Extension with others sets at anytime, no additional light sources needed, recognition value for students


Is sunlight also refracted on passing through a window pane?

  1. Investigate the path of a narrow light beam on passing through a coplanar glass plate.
  2. Determine the optical displacement v as a function of the angle of incidence by a process of approximation.

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PHYWE power supply, 230 V, DC: 0...12 V, 2 A / AC: 6 V, 12 V, 5 A 13506-93 1
Light box, halogen 12V/20 W 09801-00 1
Optical disk 09811-00 1
Block, trapezoidal 09810-02 1

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Продукт No: P1064900

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