Mobile Demo Lab for demonstration experiments with a magnetic board

Продукт No: 02190-93

Function and Applications

This complete mobile system is designed for teaching natural sciences and is ideally suitable for demonstration experiments. All equipment for the experiments can be organized in 4 storage boxes for a quick and easy set-up. Everything belonging to modern teaching methods is incorporated into this new mobile teacher system. The vertical board allows writing with a pen and interactive projector (included), set-up of experiments with magnetic holders. It is ideal for all teaching environments and its modular design guarantees flexibility and adaptability for all of your purposes.


  • flexible usage in different rooms: no need for a fixed installation of presentation equipment in the rooms
  • the system combines techniques of the modern multi media presentation methods and modern demonstration experimentation with thousand fold used robust mobile desks
  • preparation can be done in the seperate preparation room before the lesson starts
  • minimum preparation time for lessons
  • ideal for PC based experimentation by using of the Cobra4 interface system
  • fast and flexible positioning and modification of the experiment set-ups using magnetic holders
  • easy assembly and clearly visible vertical set-up of the experiments

Equipment and technical data

  • magnetic adhesive board; dimensions: 68 cm x 142 cm
  • for vertical set-up of experiments and as a projection screen
  • interactive projector, mounted above the board in a hinged manner
  • 2 BOSE multimedia speakers
  • 4 swivel wheels, 2 with brakes
  • lockable cabinet, with compartment for computer
  • free space under the board for a low-voltage power supply
  • 2 easily accessible power sockets and 2 USB ports
  • electric power connection with help of a 10 m long cable, self coiling
  • USB connection mounted on top of the board for Cobra4 Wireless manager
  • turnable arm mounted on the side of the board for a monitor
  • turnable arm with tray mounted on the side of the board for a keyboard
  • the PHYWE digital large-scale display can be easily attached on top of the board (power supply pre-installed)
  • shelf for 4 storage cases, h=130 mm (13269-00) and 1 storage case, h=90 mm (13269-10)
  • adapter for easy mounting of the PHYWE DEMO track (11305-00)
  • Dimensions:  
    • Width: 150 cm
    • Depth: 70 cm
    • Height: 194 cm (with projector folded in)
    • Weight: approx. 220 kg

Optional Accessories

  • power supply, for example: Power supply, universal (13500-93)
  • large-scale digital display: Cobra4 Display-Connect, Basic set with digital large-scale display, Mobile-Link, weather sensor and manual in case, 230 V (12607-88)
  • 4 Storage case, h=130 mm (13269-00)
  • 1 Storage case, h=90 mm (13269-10)

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Продукт No: 02190-93

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