Demo advanced Physik Handbuch Sekundarstufe 1,Mechanik, Akustik, Wärme, Elektrik, regenerative Energie,

Продукт No: 01500-01
Function and Applications

Instructions for more than 300 demonstration experiments at secondary level 1. 87 of these can be carried out in conjunction with the basic equipment set 01510-88.

What you can learn about

Mechanics (17 + 62 experiments)

  • Properties of bodies (5 + 3 experiments)
  • Forces (2 + 15 experiments)
  • Simple machines (13 experiments)
  • motion (3 + 7 experiments)
  • Types of mechanical energy (1 + 3 experiments)
  • Simple harmonic oscillation (3 experiments)
  • Mechanics of liquids and gases (6 + 19 experiments)   

Acoustics (5 + 3 experiments)

  • Properties of sound, generation and propagation (5 + 3 experiments)

Thermodynamics (14 + 20 experiments)

  • Thermal expansion (7 + 2 experiments)
  • Transport of heat (3 + 2 experiments)
  • Changes in state of matter (4 + 5 experiment)
  • Heat energy (5 experiments)
  • Thermal state variables (6 experiments)

Regenerative energies/conversion of energy (5 + 12 experiments)

  • Solar cells and solar collectors (3 + 5 experiments)
  • Fuel cells (2 + 2 experiments)
  • Energy from water (1 experiment)
  • Energy from the environment (4 experiments)

Electricity (78 experiments)

  • Magnetostatics (5 + 2 experiments)
  • Circuits (7 + 2 experiments)
  • Electrostatics (1 + 5 experiments)
  • Electrical resistance (2 + 7 experiments)
  • Power and work (1 experiment)
  • Capacitors (3 experiments)
  • Diodes (2 + 8 experiments)
  • Transistors (2 + 13 experiments)
  • Conversion of energy (2 experiments)
  • Electrochemistry (6 experiments)
  • Electromagnetism (2 + 6 experiments)
  • Electric motors (3 + 4 experiments)
  • Induction (3 + 6 experiments)
  • Transformers (3 + 4 experiments)
  • Self-inductance (4 experiments)
  • Safety when handling electricity (1 + 2 experiments)
  • Sensors (3 experiments)
  • Operational amplifiers (3 experiments)

Optics (7 + 64 experiments)

  • Propagation of light (1 + 7 experiments)
  • Mirrors (1 + 18 experiments)
  • Refraction (10 experiments)
  • Lenses (2 + 14 experiments)
  • The eye (3 experiments)
  • Optical equipment (1 + 5 experiments)
  • Colours (2 + 7 experiment)

Equipment and Technical Data

  • DIN A4 handbook, ring binding, b/w, 948 pages

Язык документации: DEU

В данной документации содержатся такие эксперименты

Название Продукт
Rectilinear propagation of light P1100000
Shadow formation by a point light source P1100100
Umbra and penumbra with two point light sources P1100200
Umbra and penumbra with an extensive light source P1100300
Length of shadows P1100400
Solar and lunar eclipses with a point light source P1100500
Solar and lunar eclipses with an extensive light source P1100600
Reflection of light P1100700
The law of reflection P1100800
Formation of an image point by a plane mirror P1100900
Image formation by a plane mirror P1101000
Applications of reflection by plane mirrors P1101100
Reflection of light by a concave mirror P1101200
Properties of a concave mirror P1101300
Real images with a concave mirror P1101400
Law of imagery and magnification of a concave mirror P1101500
Virtual images with a concave mirror P1101600
Aberrations with a concave mirror (catacaustics) P1101700
Reflection of light by a convex mirror P1101800
Properties of a convex mirror P1101900
Image formation by a convex mirror P1102000
Law of imagery and magnification of a convex mirror P1102100
Reflection of light by a parabolic mirror P1102200
Refraction of light at the air-glass boundary P1102300
Refraction of light at the air-water boundary P1102400
The law of refraction (quantitative) P1102500
Total reflection of light at the glass-air boundary P1102600
Total reflection of light at the water-air boundary P1102700
Passage of light through a planoparallel glass plate P1102800
Refraction by a prism P1102900
Light path through a reversing prism P1103000
Light path of through a deviating prism P1103100
Light transmission by total reflection P1103200
Refraction of light by a convergent lens P1103300
Properties of a convergent lens P1103400
Real images with a convergent lens P1103500
Law of imagery and magnification of a convergent lens P1103600
Virtual images with a convergent lens P1103700
Refraction of light at a divergent lens P1103800
Properties of a divergent lens. OT 4.7 P1103900
Image formation by a divergent lens P1104000
Law of imagery and magnification of a divergent lens P1104100
Lens combination consisting of two convergent lenses P1104200
Lens combination consisting of a convergent and a divergent P1104300
Spherical aberration P1104400
Chromatic aberration P1104500
Non-dispersivity of spectral colours P1104700
Complementary colours P1104900
Structure and function of the human eye P1105200
Short-sightedness and its correction (myopia) P1105300
Long-sightedness and its correction (hyperopia) P1105400
The magnifying glass P1105500
The camera P1105600
The astronomical telescope P1105700
The Newtonian reflecting telescope P1105800
Herschel's reflecting telescope P1105900
Mass and weight P1251600
Bending of a leaf spring P1252000
Force and counterforce P1252100
Composition of forces having the same line of application P1252200
Resolution of a force into two non-parallel forces P1252400
Resolution of forces on an inclined plane P1252500
Resolution of forces on a crane P1252600
Restoring force on a displaced pendulum P1252700
Determination of the centre of gravity of an irregular plate P1252800
Frictional force P1252900
Determination of the coefficient of friction of an inclined P1253000
Double-sided lever P1253100
One-sided lever P1253200
Double-sided lever and more than two forces P1253300
Reaction forces P1253400
Torque P1253500
Linear expansion of solid bodies P1291500
Heat convection in liquids and gases P1291800
Energy conversion of a roller coaster P1296400
U-tube manometer P1296700
Hydrostatic pressure P1296800
Communicating vessel P1296900
Hydraulic press P1297000
Artesian well P1297100
Density determination by measuring buoyancy P1297300
Discharge velocity of a vessel P1297400
Pressure in gases P1297600
The simple circuit P1380100
Voltage measurement P1380200
Current measurement P1380300
Conductors and non-conductors P1380400
Changeover switches and alternating switches P1380500
Series and parallel connection of sources of voltage P1380600
The safety fuse P1380700
The bimetallic switch P1380800
And- and Or circuit P1380900
Ohm's law P1381000
The resistance of wires - dependence on the length and cross-section P1381100
The resistance of wires- dependence on the material and tem- P1381200
The resistivity of wires P1381300
Current and resistance in a parallel connection P1381400
Current and resistance in a series connection P1381500
Voltage in a series connection P1381600
The potentiometer P1381700
The internal resistance of a voltage source P1381800
The power and work of the electric current P1381900
Capacitors in direct current circuits P1382000
Charging and discharging a capacitor P1382100
Capacitors in alternating current circuits P1382200
Diodes as electrical valves P1382300
Characteristics of a silicon diode P1382500
Properties of solar cells - dependence on the illuminance P1382600
The current-voltage characteristic of a solar cell P1382700
Series and parallel connection of solar cells - open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current P1382800
Series and parallel connection of solar cells - current-vol-tage characteristics and power ET 5.7 P1382900
The NPN transistor P1383100
The transistor as a direct current amplifier P1383200
The current-voltage characteristic of a transistor P1383300
The transistor as a switch P1383400
The transistor time-delay switch P1383500
The PNP transistor P1383600
Conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy P1396700
Conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy and P1396800
Conductivity of aqueous solutions of electrolytes P1396900
The connection between current and voltage in conductiveprocesses in liquids P1397000
Electrolysis P1397100
Galvanisation P1397200
Galvanic cells P1397300
The lead accumulator P1397400
The magnetic effect of a current-carrying conductor P1397700
The Lorentz force: current-carrying conductors in a magneticfield P1397800
The electric bell P1397900
The electromagnetic relay P1398000
Controlling with a relay P1398100
The galvanometer P1398300
The synchronous motor P1398800
Generation of induced voltages with an electromagnet P1399000
Lenz's law P1399300
The behaviour of a direct current generator under load P1399400
The forces between the primary and secondary coils of a P1399700
Self-induction when switching a circuit on P1399900
Self-induction when switching a circuit off P1400000
The coil in the alternating current circuit P1400100
Earthing of the power supply line P1400300
The protective conductor system P1400400
The protective isolation transformer P1400500
The NTC resistor P1400600
The PTC resistor P1400700
Characteristic curve of a Zener diode P1400900
The Zener diode as voltage stabiliser P1401000
Light-emitting diodes P1401100
Photo diodes P1401200
Bridge rectifiers P1401300
Alternating voltage amplification with a transistor P1401500
Stabilisation of the operating point of a transistor ampli-fier stage P1401600
Temperature control of a transistor P1401800
Undamped electromagnetic oscillations P1401900
The Darlington circuit P1402000
The two-stage transistor amplifier P1402100
Optical fibre communication P1402300
Determination of the volume of liquids and solids P1420000
Determination of the volume of gases P1420100
Determination of the density of solid bodes with equal mass P1420500
Types of friction P1421100
Sliding friction as a function of the weight and area of bearing P1421200
Free fall P1421600
Determination of the gravitational acceleration (with sup- P1421702
Measurement of the hydrostatic pressure with a pressure element P1423100
Hydrostatic pressure measurement P1423200
Positive pressure - negative pressure (with support mate- P1423602
Determination of the atmospheric pressure P1423702
Swimming, floating, sinking P1424700
Capillary action (with support material) P1424902
Resonance and natural frequency of two tuning forks P1426300
Musical intervals P1426500
Volume expansion of solid bodies P1427100
Forces during the expansion of solid bodies P1427400
Distillation P1428300
Generation of electricity with the Pelton wheel P1431300
The effect of the magnetic force between magnets P1431900
The magnetic field P1432100
Induced magnetism P1432300
Elementary magnets P1432400
Electrostatic phenomena P1432600
Electric charge P1432700
The electric charge quantity (with an electroscope) P1432801
Static forces between electric charges P1432900
Electrostatic induction (with an electroscope) P1433001
The permanent magnet motor (with the demonstration generator P1433302
The series motor (with the demonstration generator system) P1433402
Generation of induced voltage with a permanent magnet (with P1433602
The alternating current generator (with the demonstration P1433702
The direct current generator (with the demonstration motor- P1433802
High-voltage line P1434300
Dispersion of white light into its spectral colours (on the P1436302

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