XR 4.0 expert unit, X-ray unit, 35 kV

Продукт No: 09057-99

Function and Applications

X-ray unit with X-ray tube quick-change technology.
 School/full-protection device according to the type approval by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BFS)

 Equipment and technical data

  • Microprocessor-controlled basic unit with two independent safety circuits for the door position and two independent monitoring circuits for the door locking system
  • Four different X-ray tubes (Fe, Cu, Mo, and W) can be plugged in and remain visible during operation
  • Determination of the X-ray intensity via an integrated Geiger-Müller counter tube connection with a variable counter tube voltage (0...600 V) and an integrated loudspeaker
  • TFT colour display (dimensions 4,3"(95x54 mm), 16 Bit, 56.536 colours, 480x272 Pixel) for the manual control of the unit
  • True-colour line-shaped interior LED lighting system
  • High voltage 0.0...35.0 kV in steps of 0,1 kV
  • Emission current 0.0...1.0 mA in steps of 0,01 mA
  • Housing (mm): 446(D) x 562(H) x 682(W)
  • Experiment chamber (mm): 440 (W) x 345(H) x 354 (D)
  • Connection: 110/240 V~, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 200 VA
  • Mass: 55 kg
  • PC control via USB 2.0

Required accessories

When the unit is used for the first time, at least one X-ray tube, e.g. the tungsten X-ray tube 09057-81, is required.

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Продукт No: 09057-99

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