XR 4.0 X-ray energy detector (XRED)

Продукт No: 09058-30

Function and Applications

With the new X-ray energy detector you can directly determine the energies of single x-ray quanta.


  • In connection with the multichannel analyser (MCA) you can characterise the complete x-ray energy spectrum of the analysed material.
  • Characteristic x-ray lines for all elements of the PSE included in the software.
  • Directly mountable on the goniometer of the x-ray unit, without loss of functionality of the goniometer.
  • Directly connectable to MCA (USB) without any additional interface on.
  • Green Operation-LED.
  • Parallel observation of the signals in the oscilloscope (optional).

Typical application laboratory experiments in universities and high schools:

  • Characterisation of X-rays of different anode materials (Cu, Fe, Mo)
  • Fluorescence analysis of pure materials and alloys
  • Determination of the composition of alloys
  • Compton effect-Mosley's law-Energy dispersive Bragg structure analysis

Equipment and technical data

  • Energy range: 2 - 60 keV
  • Resolution: < 400 eV
  • Active detector surface 0,8 mm²
  • Power supply included
  • Rate independent resolution up to 20 Kcps (kilo counts per second)
  • max. 4000 channels 2 or 3 point calibration

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Продукт No: 09058-30

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