Electron diffraction tube with holder and operating unit

Продукт No: 06721-01
  • All-in-one-system
  • Standard setup to show wave-particle dualism

 Equipment and Technical Data

Electron diffraction tube:
Illustrates the wave nature of electrons by allowing observation of interference caused by a beam of electrons passing through a polycrystalline graphite target on a fluorescent screen (Debye-Scherrer diffraction).
Wavelength of the electrons can be calculated for various anode voltages from the radius of the diffracted rings and the distance between the crystal layers in the graphite. The tube also confirms the de Broglie hypothesis.
- Heating voltage: 6,3 V AC
- Max. anode voltage: 5000 V
- Anode current ca. 0,1 mA @ 4000 V
- Lattice constant of graphite: d10 = 0,213 nm, d11 = 0,123 nm

Tube holder:
for the safe and easy acceptance of the electron tube.
- Connection: 4-mm-safety plugs
- Dimensions: 130mm x 190mm x 250mm
- Mass: 570 g

Control unit:
Non-earthed high voltage source for operating electron tubes.
Provides continuously variable stabilized high voltage with passive current limitation
Incorporates a transformer, insulated against high voltage, to supply the cathode heater voltage for an electron tube
Digital display included.
Temperature-controlled fan to protect equipment from overheating.
- High voltage: 0 - 5000 V DC, max. 2 mA, potentialfree
- Heating voltage: 6,3 V AC, max. 3 A
- Fuse: 3 A, reversible
- Sockets:  4-mm-Safety
- Power consumption: 35 VA
- HV Display: 3-digits LED
- Dimensions: 240mm x 220mm x 90 mm³
- Mass: 2 kg

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Продукт No: 06721-01

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