TESS advanced Biology manual Cobra4 Electrophysiology:

Продукт No: 12673-12

Function and Applications

Manual with 7 student experiments in the fields of electrophysiology (ECG, EMG, EOG) for data acquisition with the wireless interface system Cobra4.

What you can learn about

  • We investigate our heartbeat (Electrocardiography)
  • We determine our heart frequency
  • We investigate our physical fitness (the heart under strain)
  • We investigate our muscular power (Electromyography)
  • We investigate our eye movements (Electrooculography)
  • We measure our reading speed
  • Electronystagmography


  • The students are enabled to carry out the experiments by themselves and to work on the topic of electrophysiology self-dependently.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Student sheets and corresponding teacher sheets
  • In colour,  68 pages,  incl. manual on software installation and handling.

Язык документации: ENG

В данной документации содержатся такие эксперименты

Название Продукт
We investigate our heartbeat - electrocardiography P1332760
We investigate our muscular power - electromyography P1350360
We measure our eye movements - electrooculography P1350460
We determine our heart frequency P1522060
We investigate our physical fitness - the heart under stress with Cobra4 P1522160
Measuring reading skills with Cobra4 P1522260

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Продукт No: 12673-12

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