PHYWE Multichannel Analyser (MCA)

Продукт No: 13727-99
Function and Applications

The multichannel analyser is for analysing voltage pulses which are proportional to energy and for determining pulse rates and intensities in conjunction with an X-ray detector, alpha detector or gamma detector. The analogue pulses from the detector are shaped by the analyser, digitised and summed per channel according to pulse height. This results in a frequency distribution of detected pulses dependent on the energy of the radiation.

Equipment and Technical Data

The multi channel analyser has an offset function for enhancing the energy resolution.
It possesses the following features:

  • Analogue output for observing heights of the pulse spectrum on an oscilloscope,
  • A USB output for connecting to a computer,
  • Integrated power supply for alpha detector pre-amp (09100-00),
  • Integrated power supply for X-ray energy detector.
  • Includes 1.5-m mains lead, USB cable type A/B
  • Multi-channel analyser software (required)
  • Resolution (per spectrum): up to 4096 channels (12 bit)
  • Memory: unlimited
  • Lag time: 60 µs
  • Coincidence window: 1 µs
  • Analogue input: negative pulse impedance: 3.3 kilohms, 150 pF
  • Amplification: three stages, 6, 12 and 24 digitally adjustable
  • Pulse height: max. 4 V
  • Analogue output: positive pulse 0 to 4 V-
  • Pulse length: 15 µs offset approx.
  • 12-bit digital resolution
  • Maximum offset: 4 V (disable input/coincidence input)
  • Logic input (TTL) for coincidence  measurements at voltage outputs
  • Diode socket: ± 12 V / max. 30 mA
  • BNC socket (bias voltage): -33, -66, -99 V
  • Plastic case with carrying handle
  • Dimensions H × W × D (mm):  90 x 140 x 130
  • Mains voltage: 115/230 V~
  • Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 1550 g


Multi-channel analyser software (required)

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Продукт No: 13727-99

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