Phys.Demovers. Haftmechanik, 1

Продукт No: 01152-01


Instructions for 31 experiments on mechanics using the magnetic demonstration board.


  • Forces
  • Simple machines and pendulums


  • DIN A4 handbook, spiral binding, b/w, 84 pages

Язык документации: DEU

В данной документации содержатся такие эксперименты

Название Продукт
Mass and weight P1251600
Bending of a leaf spring P1252000
Force and counterforce P1252100
Composition of forces having the same line of application P1252200
Resolution of a force into two non-parallel forces P1252400
Resolution of forces on an inclined plane P1252500
Resolution of forces on a crane P1252600
Restoring force on a displaced pendulum P1252700
Determination of the centre of gravity of an irregular plate P1252800
Frictional force P1252900
Determination of the coefficient of friction of an inclined P1253000
Double-sided lever P1253100
One-sided lever P1253200
Double-sided lever and more than two forces P1253300
Reaction forces P1253400
Torque P1253500
Beam balance P1253600
Sliding weight balance P1253700
Fixed pulley P1253800
Free pulley P1253900
Block and tackle P1254000
Wheel and axle P1254100
Toothed gearing P1254200
Belt drive P1254300
Thread pendulum P1254400
Physical pendulum (reversible pendulum) P1254600

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Продукт No: 01152-01

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